Can’t blame Balaji! It’s just Business.

There’s a news out few hours ago that Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Trust had to let go 1300+ seasonal employees which includes sanitation workers because their contract was expired and blamed the vendor who hired these people for not being proactive during this time of crisis.

Okay! Legally you can’t judge them. We as a society allowed such religious institution to evolve into an enterprise that makes business decisions based on the inflow of “customers”. We worshiped the God so much, even Govt. couldn’t dare to tax these enterprises.

Balaji vs Kubera:

Even God for that matter, Balaji is reliant on this income to pay off his debt to Kubera. He doesn’t have any say in this because he needs the money saved by letting these people go, again legally.

I know in any religion directly or indirectly, lot of Trusts/organizations etc seek funding to survive and nurture the faith into future generations. But did anyone wonder, story of Balaji temple is so direct and shallow that we have to pay for Lord’s debt in order for him to save us from the Kaliyuga’s hardships. Pure financial transaction. I guess we should have no hard feelings, if bunch of people had to lose their jobs legally!

Lot of these people sitting on roads, maintaining social distancing, protesting with their mask on. What are they expecting? Jobs should be given back to them because it is morally right thing to do?

I can understand that the people going through an unprecedented period in our world with no jobs or income that pushes them down to more uncertain path that they might not find their way back even after the lockdown is lifted.

The issue was brought to my notice. We will explore the ways to help them

Y.V. Subba Reddy

Be empathetic Mr. Y.V. Subba Reddy. You have access to means and tools that I and millions don’t. Re-instate them back and extend their contract period. You have no investors to answer to and no one will judge you for making one bad business decision for the sake of doing a morally empowering deed.

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