God in the time of COVID19

God Bless America!

It’s getting very hot out here and Corona’s departure is not in sight yet. Hope everyone is safe and bored. Making up to-do lists for the remaining days of the lock-down. I don’t know if it is a decent thing to say but I am starting to get numb about any news about the infection, death and fear of either of those. Sometimes I watch Trump originals so that I can feel the panic in my pulse. Though I am not an American, I am afraid of how he can affect the rest of the world with his sluggish governance. Whenever I see his press meets, I get a feeling that he thinks it’s all about him. God bless America.

Speaking of God, I didn’t hear about God these many times in the entire year than these past couple of weeks. I am sure you did too. God never was endorsed at this level. The word Karma is getting it’s Prime time coverage. Getting preached on how God is relevant for every shitty or best thing that happens in the world.

If a worst thing happens, thousands of articles and videos start popping up saying how terrible a human being is and how our choices led to this situation.  And offer redemption in the name of God. 

I know all decisions made by a human are conscious/empathetic/selfish etc. What does this have to do with God and his existence. It is consequential, with or without human intervention. Earth went through a lot of irreversible changes before there is a concept of God. Just because we are intelligent enough to fantasize about higher power doesn’t mean it automatically gives credibility to it’s existence by repetitive preaching/praying.

One of my friends sent me an article posted by one of many swami’s in India. He thought he was doing me a favor. The title of the article was “Permanent Solution for the Coronavirus Pandemic”. Go figure! I read it anyway. It made sense when I considered it as clickbait. It made sense when I subtracted the God and read it again. But I am surprised how all of this can be associated with God and Karma. 

For those who didn’t read the article, it basically described 3 kinds of sins and the Heaven and Hell concept. How our sins earned the punishment by nature. A heads up forecast about a God’s messenger being on his way with an electric sword, probably like gigantic light saber, wiping the souls on earth “million” times faster than Corona. Now I am legitimately scared without the Trump or Corona factors. That’s the final goal, right?

I am not even gonna summarize the last message of that article. 

It is our collective responsibility to make sure it reaches to each and every person in the world so that we come out of this crisis. Forward this message to all your contacts and spread it across all your social media networks. Not only will this pandemic end, but you will also earn the unimaginable grace of God.

His Holiness Shri Datta Swami or His Holiness’s disciple

No thanks to Swami

praying to god in fear

The need to distract the people from real problems. Cashing in on a pandemic with a spiritual medicine. It’s a classic set up. We need to be in a constant fear for the religion to prosper. God would be our light in the dark times.  Centuries have gone by but the methods are all the same.

Back to the source, my friend in his defense, says that religion helped keep the peace in the world and crime in check. Which is not true but I see his point when and where it could work. 

If you have a kid who is falling behind his chores, you can cane him or work along with him every step of the way and make him realise how it made his rest of the day better and prepared. In the first case, the objective of the kid was to not to get punished and in the second case the objective was the initial goal. Both methods work and both attitudes replicate. 

You see where I am going with this? 

Religion came into the picture when education was primitive. It worked to an extent but it was not the right method for humans to find their morals. It suppressed free speech until democracy took its place. Used freedom of speech under the same democracy to make extraordinary claims of salvation. It always adapts. We follow because of the fear of the unknown always being there. That fear always puts us in a defense mode. That nurtures hate. 

Corona or not, humans adapt too. 

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